About Us


Hello, Hola, Sveiki, Ni hao!


Welcome to www.petcaneat.com, a website dedicated to providing accurate, well-researched answers on most of the most popular search queries regarding pets online!


My name is Victoria, and I’m the founder of www.petcaneat.com

I’m a mother of 3, well, of 8; 3 beautiful children, 2 hamsters, a cat, 1 parakeet, and a dog! Life’s never boring for me as I work full time, catering for my 3 beautiful children and my adorable pets!

After running a 3 pet stores, and answering numerous phone calls and text messages about pet feeding with curious and clueless pet owners, I decided to set up this blog to share my knowledge about pets’ nutrition and general well-being.

I hope you find this website useful, and I hope to be updating this website regularly, bringing you the most accurate information about pet feed, all in one place!


Please let me and my team know if you have any inquiries, comments, or suggestions on how to make petcaneat.com even better, and to offer more useful content to our beloved readers!


You reach us by sending an email to admin(at)petcaneat.com and we’ll respond to you within the shortest possible time!


Happy reading and have a wonderful day with your pets!