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Can cats eat Twizzlers? That thought came to my mind as I watched a friend’s cat piercing its teeth through one. Are Twizzlers safe for cats? Is it ok to feed Twizzlers to cats, I wondered.

Most cats can’t resist chasing anything that resembles a string. If you eat Twizzlers, you may be well aware of this, as your cat will attack you when a stringy red candy is waving around you.

Can cats eat twizzlers - licorice

Can cats eat Twizzlers? – They’re no cat toys.

It’s important to remember that Twizzlers are not, in any way, cat toys, despite how much fun it is to watch them chasing to catch the string all around your home. 

Cats will chase around just about anything that dangles in front of them; that’s how they were made. However, Just like most things your cat might chase around and attempt to destroy by chewing it, even eating are not cat toys!

Can cats eat Twizzlers? – The Answer

Playing with any string is perfectly fine, although the narratives may change once that string becomes twizzler laces. They may, however, try to eat it; I mean, writing about this makes me want one right now! 

Nonetheless, if your cat tries it and has a sweet tooth for it, then it’s crucial that you, as the pet owner, are aware of any adverse health effects that may arise from feeding Twizzlers to them.

So, can cats eat Twizzlers?

The answer isn’t a straightforward one. However, if you prefer having a healthy cat, then the answer is ultimately a big NO.

Although, fortunately enough, Twizzlers are directly not toxic nor harmful in any way, so cats can eat Twizzlers, but once every blue moon. 

However, it’s best to avoid letting them eat any, at least unintentionally.

Conversely, do not intentionally feed Twizzler candies to your cat either, because it is risky and, most important of all, it doesn’t offer any health benefit to them. And here’s why.

What is a Twizzler? Are they licorice?

Ok, first of all, I can’t be the only one who thinks Twizzlers are red licorice lace.

A lot of other people think the same thing by googling the topic. This is probably because red licorice lace is trendy and looks like Twizzlers.

Twizzlers do not contain any licorice extract. It’s clear if you read the packaging, but who reads candy packaging carefully.

Anyway, Twizzlers are just candy shapes that look like red licorice lace. They’re made from corn syrup, sugar, wheat flour, and a host of artificial flavorings – all the unhealthy ingredients you’d expect to find in any candy.

They are made by Hershey’s and are available in various flavors, most of which I’ve never seen or tasted before!

Can cats eat red licorice? – The Answer

No, cats should not eat red licorice. 

Like Twizzlers, other brands of red licorice are candy, not licorice.

The mass started referring to Twizzlers as red licorice because it resembled the American Licorice’s black licorice.

What we call them isn’t crucial; instead, keeping all sweets out of the cat’s reach is more important. Many cats will ignore sweets, but some cats have a thing for them.

Can cats eat licorice? – The risks

When it comes to licorice – even with the news that red licorice isn’t even licorice – it’s worth talking about whether or not licorice is safe for cats.

It’s an interesting topic because we at, during our research, found some articles written by veterinarians claiming that the licorice plant, called podocarpus licorice may have some positive health benefits particularly the roots.

But this does not apply to black licorice in candy form. It’s still candy, loaded with sugar, preservatives, and additives—all things you shouldn’t let your cat bite into.

Can cats eat black licorice or licorice root?

In general, cats should not eat licorice, either in candy form or licorice root form, although there is ongoing controversy regarding licorice root use.

Can cats eat licorice candies?

Your cat should not eat licorice candy. No candy is suitable or safe for cats. The sugar content alone is a concern. 

A high sugar-content diet can potentially lead to many health problems in cats, including weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and more.

In addition, consuming large amounts of sugar can cause your cat to have an upset tummy, leading to problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Furthermore, licorice is not suitable for cats’ consumption because it can cause high blood pressure and even liver damage, among other ailments, depending on the amount and form consumed.

Therefore, it is crucial to avoid intentionally feeding licorice to your cat. Even if your cat only eats a small amount of licorice candy, there’s a possibility that it may make him a little sick. Therefore, it’s not worth the potential risk. 

But other potential hazards are also contained in licorice candy; we’ll share them with you.

Can cats eat Twizzlers? Other Risks

This sticky candy can quickly get stuck in your cat’s teeth and can lead to tooth decay if not brushed out immediately after eating.

Another issue regarding licorice for cats is that it can be sweetened with xylitol, a sugar substitute that is highly toxic to cats. 

If your cat accidentally eats licorice candy, check the ingredients list to ensure that xylitol is not used in this particular candy.

Licorice candies are also of concern to cats because of their packaging. If your cat swallows any of the packagings from the candy pack, it may put your cat at risk of choking, which can be life-threatening.

Your cat may also develop an intestinal blockage if the package passes through the stomach and into the intestines. Because it will not digest, it may remain in the intestine, causing a potentially life-threatening blockage.

If your cat accidentally eats some licorice candy, be sure to contact a veterinary care professional immediately to assess the situation.

Can cats eat Licorice root?

As we mentioned earlier, there are still some controversies about the consumption of certain licorice types by cats, such as licorice roots.

  • Can cats eat licorice root?
  • Is it safe for cats?

There is still some ongoing debate as to whether licorice root is safe for cats. Some sources state that small doses are acceptable for cats, while others assert that licorice root should never be given to your cat.

A holistic veterinarian may be more likely to recommend the use of licorice root for your cat than a conventional veterinarian.

Licorice root is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and may even help relieve allergies. 

Some people believe that licorice root in pure and moderate amounts has many health benefits for cats, including helping to reduce inflammation, such as that caused by arthritis, and even helping to reduce the effects of colds on cats.

But just because it offers some potential health benefits doesn’t mean it’s safe for your cat.

Why cats should not eat candies

Most forms of candy are not poisonous, and if they are licked or bitten, they most likely will not cause any immediate harm to your cat.

However, as mentioned earlier, cats should not eat candies frequently. Cats need a minimal amount of carbohydrates in their diet, and the sugar used in candy is foreign to them. 

Think about it; They will not hunt for candy in the wild!

Some cats can develop gastrointestinal problems and may even become sick or ill. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eat Twizzlers, and they seem a little sad for themselves.

In addition, some ingredients are used in some candy can be toxic, these are.


This is a no-brainer; chocolate is toxic to most pets and cats as well. Many substances in chocolate, such as methylxanthine, caffeine, and theobromine, can cause health problems.


Any candy that is expected to increase or replenish energy may contain caffeine.

Xylitol and other artificial sweeteners

When cats consume artificial sweeteners frequently, these sweeteners can cause severe stomach upset and even liver damage, a fatal ailment.

Can cats eat Twizzlers? – The Alternatives

If you own a cat (or I’d say, if the cat owns you?) who likes to nibble on snacks like every cat there is, then you should stock up on kitten snacks and keep the human stuff for yourself.

Why? Because It’s the right thing to do.

Kitty snacks have been specially formulated to help meet some of their complex divine requirements while still being a snack, so don’t feel too bad.

Also, did you know that cats don’t even have that good of a sense of taste, especially for sweets? Most of their senses are exceptional, but they only have a few hundred, unlike us, who have thousands of taste buds.

We’ll be updating this article with some recommendations.

Can cats Twizzlers/licorice – The conclusion

Can cats Twizzlers, licorice, or licorice root? 

Although this content should not be used as a substitute for professional veterinary advice, it is our position that you should not give your cat any form of licorice root, even in the form of a pet supplement.

unless your cat’s veterinarian specifically instructed you to do so. Even then, there is no set guarantee that it will be 100% safe for your cat.

Suppose your cat accidentally gets into a packet of licorice candy or eats some licorice root in any form. In that case, it is crucial to seek immediate professional veterinary care to ensure your cat’s safety.

Never add new foods to your cat’s diet without the approval of your cat’s veterinarian.


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