Can bearded dragons eat centipedes? Stop and read now!

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Can bearded dragons eat centipedes?
image of a bearded dragon eating a centipede

So the big question is can bearded dragons eat centipedes? What about house centipedes?

First of all, there are so many different kinds of centipedes, besides, it is difficult to distinguish them.

Certain species of centipedes are very toxic to bearded dragons.

Therefore, it’ll be wise to be cautious of what goes in your bearded dragon’s digestive tracts. Consequently, it would be best and to the benefit of your bearded dragon if you avoided feeding centipedes, regardless of wild or housed, to it in the first place.

So the answer to whether it’s safe for bearded dragons to eat centipedes is, yes!

Generally speaking, It is not recommended to feed your bearded dragon with wild insects in the first place, as they may house different kinds of parasites on their bodies.

Can bearded dragons eat centipedes and become poisoned?

Accidents do happen, and sometimes, your bearded dragon, when he isn’t under your supervision, may eat unwanted or inedible substances, but do not fret.

It’s relatively safe and with no serious adverse reactions if your bearded dragon eats one or two centipedes unless it was bitten/stung at the time of the feeding, then you may have a serious problem, that may become fatal if overlooked.

What can you do if your beloved bearded dragon eats a centipede?

When consumed, ants, bees, wasps, hornets, and centipedes alike are no more dangerous to bearded dragons than mealworms.

If your dragon has eaten toxic plants/insects such as a centipede, an excellent way to help them is to feed them with activated charcoal. Or a mixture of kale, parsley, and cilantro.

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Fun facts about centipedes

Here are some fascinating facts about centipedes
How many of these fun facts did you know already?

Centipedes never have 100 legs.
The number of legs of a centipede can change during its lifetime.
Centipedes are carnivorous hunters.
People have kept centipedes as pets for centuries.
Centipedes are good mothers to their litters.
Centipedes are fast; I mean, who wouldn’t with that many legs?
Centipedes prefer dark and humid environments.

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