Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders? Find out now! Updated

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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spiders?

Many users online are asking, “Can bearded dragons eat spiders?”

When you’re not around your beardie, should you be concerned about whether your bearded dragon will catch a spider?

Is it safe to feed bearded dragon spiders found in your home?

Like many bearded dragons owners, you may occasionally allow your pet to wander around the house.

Monitoring your beardies’ every move at any given moment is an almost impossible feat.

You may have noticed him devouring delicious-looking insects or domesticated spiders, only to worry if your bearded friend has just been poisoned, or whether the insect eaten by your dragon is poisonous to him.

This may cause you to panic and wonder if your pet will be ok. Therefore, we’ll try and answer the question that led you to this page on our site

Can bearded dragons eat spiders?

The answer is, Yes, bearded dragons can (and probably will if given the opportunity) eat spiders; however, do not make this a habitual practice; do not let your bearded dragon on a spider eating spree party.

In addition to our answer above, Here’s a video of a bearded dragon eating a spider below

Can bearded dragons eat spiders without any adverse effect?

Domestic spiders can carry parasites or insecticides, have less nutritional value than other insects such as crickets and locusts, and certain species are poisonous; so the feeding load of spiders, whether from home or from nature is not recommended and may have adverse effects, especially if done regularly.

Please read further to find out more on why spiders are not recommended for bearded dragons, which spiders to avoid specifically, and what to feed your beloved bearded one.

Can Bearded Dragons eat spiders?

While feeding household spiders to your bearded dragon may seem like an excellent way to get rid of the unwanted spiders at your home while providing a proteinous meal for your pet, it’s usually not the best idea.

Here are some reasons why avoiding using spiders as a snack for bearded dragons isn’t the best idea.

Spiders may carry parasites.

As carnivores, spiders eat other bugs that may carry parasites or have been exposed to insecticides.

This is why, as the pet master, you should always avoid feeding your bearded dragon with other animals or insects.

Poisonous spiders may cause fatal diseases.

Bearded dragons are extremely unlikely to be bitten by a poisonous spider.

However, ingesting poisonous ones may cause your bearded dragon to become ill.

No beneficial nutrient

They are not nutritious to adult bearded dragons (or babies!) No nutrition.

Spiders do not provide the recommended nor ideal nutrition to keep your pet dragon happy or healthy.

As an omnivore, your bearded dragon needs a mixed diet of insects, vegetables, and greens.

Fruits, which are not often available, are excellent hospitality.

You actually need them – the spiders

According to an article published on, spiders are actually a necessary “evil” at your home.

Spiders help catch and eat other pesky insects such as flies, so unless you want your home full of flies, YUKC!, letting the spiders, naturally, inhabiting in your home, is actually to your benefit.

Can bearded dragons eat daddy long legs

Yes, Bearded dragons can eat daddy long legs. Daddy long legs are one of the safer home spiders that bearded dragons can eat, except, if you spray a lot of pest control pesticides in your home, then, in that case, I wouldn’t recommend it.

What if my bearded dragon eats spiders? Should I be worried?

If your bearded dragon eats a house spider, you don’t need to panic right away.

Just like any pet, sometimes animals will eat things they shouldn’t.

  • First, take a deep breath.

The reason is that the occasional house spider eaten by your bearded dragon probably won’t pose any problems for you to worry about.

  • In the unfortunate event, your dragon eventually does eat a spider and you feel anxious, keep a few things in mind to calm you down.
  • Did you see the type of spider that was eaten? Check online to see if it was the poisonous kind if you did.
  • If the spider’s system contains poisonous chemicals, the color may give you a hint. Look for bright colors, especially reds and greens.
  • Is the spider poisonous? if it isn’t poisonous, then you have no reason to panic.
  • House spiders may carry parasites or insecticides, but eating a non-poisonous spider is unlikely to harm your beard.
  • If you’re not sure what kind of spider is on the beard menu, keep a close eye on your pet.

You know your pet dragon better than anyone else.

  • Finally, watch for signs of discomfort over the next 24 hours, and contact your veterinarian if you have any cause for concern.

Poisonous spiders

Here is a list of the most common poisonous spiders, primarily found in North American, that must be avoided.

unfortunately, If your dragon, consumes a poisonous spider, it is best to contact your veterinarian for further advice.

  • Wolf spiders (small black and brown spiders)
  • The brown recluse (light or dark brown, sometimes gray)
  • Black Widow (black with red markings on the underside of the abdomen)
  • Hobo Spider (brown with V-shaped markings on the back)
  • A yellow sac spider (yellow-green with darker legs)

Keep in mind that these are the North American arachnids to look out for.

In addition, If you live elsewhere, you may need to research the common ones that are prevalent in your area.

Note: The brown recluse is the most common one.

Safe food for bearded dragons

With no spiders on your menu, you may be wondering what you should feed your bearded dragon.

Maybe you’ve cut back on his main diet and want to mix it up, or perhaps you’re worried he’s tired of the same old crickets day in and day out.

Just like humans, your bearded dragon will enjoy a variety of foods.

Your bearded dragon’s diet should consist primarily of insects, vegetables such ask rocket, dandelion, etc, and greens, and the occasional non-citrus fruit used as a treat for your beloved pet.

Bearded dragons need to eat more insects than vegetables and vegetables as they grow.

Adults will need to eat more vegetables and greens the older they become.

In addition to the variety, make sure you always have plenty of water available, so you’ll have a happy dragon!

So, we hope this article has answered your question.

So, let’s ask you the same question just we can refresh your memory, can bearded dragons eat spiders?

Frequently asked questions

Can bearded dragons eat black widow?

Absolutely no, they can not eat black widow. Black widows are poisonous when ingested, therefore to ensure the safety of your pet, do not feed black widows to bearded dragons.

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