Can budgies eat oranges?

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Like any other pet, budgies need an excellent diet to stay healthy and happy. Many owners know that many feathered pets can eat fruits and vegetables, but can budgies eat oranges? can we feed oranges to our budgies on a regular basis? Let’s find out what the answer will be as we read.

Can Budgies eat oranges? You can feed oranges to budgies because they like the taste, but they also contain a lot of sugar, known as fructose.
In large quantities, budgies may not digest them properly; therefore, to avoid loose stools and other health problems, it is best to feed them only a limited amount of oranges per week.

Let’s dive into the details to learn more about why budgies shouldn’t eat too many oranges and the best diet for your pet.

Can budgies eat oranges – Why Oranges?

  1. Every budgie deserves to be treated over and over again. Many pet owners choose to make fruit for their budgies, including oranges. This is a great way to consider feeding your feathered friend oranges.
  2. It shouldn’t be a daily part of their diet, but it is a tasty treat for them about once or twice a week.
  3. While the orange bits may be small for us, they are plentiful for our feathered friends. They contain a lot of fructose, a sugar that can make it difficult for budgies to digest.
  4. This can cause a runny nose and make them feel nauseous. It can also lead to obesity in the long run if they eat too many oranges.
  5. Of course, there is no need to panic; the fructose contained in oranges is non-toxic. Just limit their diet to keep your budgie happy and healthy.
  6. Once again, if you offer your budgie oranges as a small snack, they can enjoy the taste and explore something new and colorful in their cage.
should budgies have oranges

Can budgies eat oranges – Preparation

A great way to ensure that your budgies get plenty of oranges each week is to choose specific days when they can enjoy this tasty treat. This will ensure that they don’t get too much.

The process is fairly simple, the oranges will be ready to feed in four steps:

  1. Peel
  2. Chop up
  3. Feeding
  4. Dispose

So, let’s see how you can provide your feathered friend with some delicious oranges.

Peel the oranges

However, it is not recommended to offer orange peels to your budgie. While some budgies will eat it if given, the peel may have insecticides.

This could be toxic to your little feathered friend. In other to be on the safe side, it is best to peel the orange first, and to be even safer, try to buy organic oranges.

Chop up the orange

While putting a whole orange in your budgie’s cage may be tempting, it’s best to cut it into smaller pieces; This is the best way to monitor how much fruit your budgie is eating.

Of course, we know you shouldn’t feed your budgie too many oranges, so by choosing how many slices you put in the cage, you can tell how much fruit they eat in a week; This is a great way to reduce fructose to avoid making your budgies feel sick or overweight.

Introducing your budgie

Budgies may react differently to new things that appear in their cage. While some will be curious and want to know what orange is, others will be wary and may even be afraid; This is why the whole process of introducing orange slowly is essential.

If your budgie seems worried about it at first, you can always try to hand-feed them, so they trust you.

If your budgie doesn’t want to try the delicious orange slices at first, don’t be discouraged; they’ll show up in their own time and work up the courage to finally give it a try!

Dispose remainants at night

When it’s bedtime for your little feathered friend, it’s a good idea to remove all the oranges from their cage. When fruits are exposed to the open air for too long, bacteria usually develop.

The build-up of bacteria can make your budgie sick if they choose to eat oranges. So, simply remove the plate or orange slices from the cage. You can offer them fresh food to enjoy on another day.

What is a healthy diet for Budgies?

Now that we know that oranges should only be given to budgies as a snack, what is the best diet for our feathered friends? There are many options out there, but it is essential to be cautious and check the mixture and what the bag contains before buying.

One of the most popular diets for budgies is to feed them pellets daily. This is a great way to get all the nutrients they need from one food.

Most experienced budgie owners say pellets should make up about 75% of their feathered friend’s daily diet. While many owners choose seed mixes, they can be too high in carbohydrates and fat and don’t include all the nutrients your bird needs to be healthy.

About 20% of a budgie’s diet should consist of fresh vegetables.

Not only are vegetables a fun snack for your feathered friend, but they are also delicious and full of vitamins and minerals. This can include broccoli, cucumbers, spring vegetables, and carrots. Please be careful not to overfeed your feathered friend, as this can lead to runny stools.

You should include the remaining 5% of your budgie’s diet. Of course, this should be a treat and should only be fed in small amounts. While you can provide your budgie with some oranges, you can also offer some other fruits and switch them out.

Some recommended fruits can include raspberries and bananas. While apple slices are safe for your budgie, do not feed them seeds. These can be toxic to your feathered friend. It is best to avoid citrus fruits because budgies have difficulty digesting citric acid.

Can budgies eat oranges – Related Questions

Can my budgie eat dried fruit? It is best to give your budgie fresh organic fruit. This is because dried fruit often contains other ingredients, such as preservatives. This can be harmful to your budgie, and they may have difficulty digesting it. The last thing you want to do is make your feathered friend sick.

Should I feed my budgie cooked or raw vegetables? There is no need to boil or cook vegetables for your budgie. They can enjoy raw vegetables just as they would in the wild. In addition, organic and raw vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that are good for your budgie. Sometimes these can be lost when vegetables are cooked too long. It may also lose the texture that budgies like to peck at.

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