Can hamsters eat chia seeds? Check this out!

can hamsters eat chia seeds?
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Whether big or small, Pets bring joy to our lives, and we show our love to them by providing them with all the nicest things to eat and play with. The treats come in many types, shapes, colors, and sizes, and seeds are one of them! This article is about chia seeds. Can hamsters eat chia seeds? How much? What are the risks?

can hamsters eat chia seeds?

Let’s find out!

Can hamsters eat chia seeds?

Seeds are an excellent food for many animals, and birds especially love them. They are cheap, nutritious and their sizes mean they’ll keep our beloved pets busy for a while. Among the pets that enjoy a feast of seeds now and then, hamsters are present too! Chia seeds are tasty to pets and their owners alike; this often leads people to ask if hamsters can eat chia seeds. 

If you’re in no rush, we recommend that you digest this article in the same way your pet hamster does his foods as we discuss feeding chia seeds to hamsters.

This article explains what chia seeds are, how to feed them to your hamster, and the benefits of doing so. Finally, we will look at the amount you should give your hamster. Keep reading and enjoy!

What are they?

Chia seeds, an oval, gray with black and white spots, are the edible seeds of a plant native to Mexico. The Aztecs initially grew these seeds and are high in protein, zinc, and vitamin B! They also contain iron and magnesium. 

Chia seeds are often used to supplement other foods and are often blended into a paste. They can even be made into desserts such as pudding or cookies; some people even use them in bread making. 

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Can hamsters eat chia seeds?

Yes, hamsters can eat chia seeds! You need to make sure you feed them the right way, and if you do, you should be able to integrate them into your hamster’s diet.

Chia seeds can be a nutritious and healthy part of a hamster’s periodic snack. They will enjoy chia seeds, but you should still make sure they are the correct type of chia seeds. Syrian hamsters, Robo hamsters, and dwarf hamsters will all love this seed. Just make sure it’s served plain – without any additives!

make sure the chia seeds you feed your hamsters are

  1. Salt-free: Salt is dangerous to hamsters!
  2. Sugar-Free – No sugar or artificial sweeteners.

If you follow all the instructions outlined in this article, you should have no problem feeding chia seeds to your hamster.

Will hamsters like chia seeds?

We’re confident your hamster will love chia seeds, joining millions of other happy chia seed nibbling hamsters around the world! 

Hamsters love seeds, and it forms a large part of their natural diet! Your hamster will find chia seeds quite delightful, as long as they are fed the right way and in the right amount. 

My son’s hamsters love chia seeds, and I give them quite a few each week, but your hamsters may not be the same. As every pet owner knows, the best way to find out if their hamster likes chia seeds is to give them a little and see if they like them!

How do I feed my hamster chia seeds?

When you give your pet treats like this seed, always make sure you hold them or make sure you are near them. This is because giving your hamster a snack strengthens your bond and helps them socialize. Only give your hamster a small amount at first; figure out if they like sunflower seeds. If they ignore it, there’s no point in giving your pet a lot! However, your hamster will probably put the food on their cheeks.

Ensure you wash the seeds beforehand; this will remove any pesticides and agrochemicals that may be present on the seed. Pesticides can be pretty damaging to hamsters’ health.

Consider feeding this seed to hamsters as part of their daily diet, including foods such as pumpkin seeds, cabbage, and carrots! Plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains are perfect for your hamster!

How many chia seeds can you feed your hamster?

The amount of chia seeds a hamster can eat depends on its species. Syrians are much larger than Robo and dwarf hamsters, which means they can eat more chia seeds than the rest. This is due to their digestive systems being much more robust and more developed than the rest! Although, as a precaution, we must warn you that too many seeds can harm your hamster’s health, so a specific type of regulation is required.

How many chia seeds should a Syrian hamster eat?

Syrian hamsters are the largest among the domesticated hamsters, which means they naturally get the most chia seeds! You can give your Syrian hamster about eight chia seeds a day! You don’t have to measure them, but about eight chia seeds is an acceptable amount. This is a sufficient amount for your healthy hamster!

How many chia seeds should a hamster eat?

Robos are smaller than Syrian hamsters, which means they shouldn’t have as many chia seeds! Give them about four chia seeds per day. This is about half of the amount you would give a Syrian hamster. Your Robo’s digestive system is weaker than your Syrian’s, which means they should usually eat less food.

How many chia seeds should a dwarf hamster eat?

Dwarf hamsters, such as Chinese hamsters, winter white dwarf hamsters, and Campbell’s dwarf hamsters should only eat two chia seeds per day. This is because they are much smaller than Syrian hamsters and Robo hamsters. They are susceptible to obesity and many heart diseases, which means you only need to give them small amounts!

What are the benefits of chia seeds?

Chia seeds have many benefits for humans. We use them in serving a lot of food! The same benefits we get from consuming chia seeds also primarily extend to our furry hamster friends. Hamsters can bring many benefits from ingesting the right amount of chia seeds in the right way— when fed as a treat or more regularly. Some of the benefits of Chia seeds include the following.

  • Zinc: According to Healthline, Zinc is needed to boost immune function, metabolism and growth, and DNA synthesis, which means chia seeds will keep your hamster healthy and will assist in the wade of diseases and infections.
  • Vitamin B – This is an essential vitamin for many pets, including hamsters. Vitamin B promotes good eye-sight and gives your hamster lots of energy!
  • Potassium: This is good for your hamster’s blood pressure.
  • Dietary fiber: Fiber promotes a healthy gut in both animals and humans alike. It ensures that your hamster’s digestive system is healthy and works efficiently!
  • Magnesium – Great for your hamster’s muscles!

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Can hamsters eat chia seeds? – The risks

Hamsters can get a lot of benefits from consuming chia seeds. However, just as with everything in life, too much of anything will bring an adverse reaction. The same applies to chia seeds. 

You should ensure they are adequately fed. Some of the risks of not doing so include:

  • Digestive problems:  chia seeds can cause digestive problems in humans if fed in large quantities.
  • Obesity: Chia seeds contain a considerable amount of fat. This means you should avoid overfeeding them to your hamster.
  • Nutritional problems: Your hamster needs a variety of seeds and foods in its diet.

What other foods can hamsters eat?

There are so many other nutritious and delicious foods you can eat for your hamster! You can feed them meat, worms, vegetables, fruits, and seeds! This helps them get an excellent nutritional balance and means their health will continue to stay strong. We recommend that your hamster consumes a variety of foods. However, you should ensure that the primary source of your hamster’s diet is their usual hamster food. This provides their daily nutrition and keeps them healthy. We recommend Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster Mix because it gives a delicious nutritional balance for your pet. You can get it here!

Conclusion: Can hamsters eat chia seeds?

Can hamsters eat chia seeds? Yes! That’s the definitive answer to that question. We know that hamsters should like chia seeds, although you should feed them in moderation. We know that Syrian hamsters should eat the most and that having a small number of chia seeds has many benefits for your hamster. However, we know there are risks to overfeeding. We’ve also researched other foods you can give your hamster that they’ll love!

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