Can hamsters eat pomegranate, Yes or No?

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Can hamsters eat pomegranate

Our pets should not eat everything thing we do. We need to keep some dietary restrictions in mind as pet owners before sharing fruits with our hamsters, specifically pomegranate. Can hamsters eat pomegranate?

Pomegranates are covered with a red skin that makes up the outer shell of the pomegranate and a white interior where you can find the edible part of the fruit, the seeds.

Smoothies, smoothies, cocktails, and baking and cooking are some of the common uses of pomegranates.

Let’s take a look at pomegranate’s nutritional information

Fat2 gr
Sodium5 gr
Carbs29 gr
Fiber6 gr
Sugar24 gr
Protein3 gr

Did you notice the highest nutrient in pomegranate? It’s the Sugar! Pomegranate contains a relatively higher level of sugar, more sugar than bananas!
Many hamster pet owners know that hamsters have a high susceptibility to contracting diabetes from eating excessive sugar.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate?

Absolutely not. You can not feed pomegranates to your hamster! Hamsters can enjoy many of their owners’ favorite fruits and vegetables. However, you may not want to share your favorite pomegranate with your hamster.

While many other pets can enjoy pomegranate seeds without concern, they’re not suitable for hamsters; Feeding pomegranates to hamsters will be devastating to their general health.

Can hamsters eat pomegranate – The Risks

Diabetes can arise as a side effect of eating pomegranate due to its high sugar content.

Contrary to popular beliefs, diabetes in hamsters is quite common.

Considering their delicate bodies organs and limited diets, they can quickly develop health problems if they deviate from their usual, recommended diet.

In this case, diabetes, a severe problem that in most cases requires veterinary intervention.

The high sugar content, and in addition, high calory content, is all the recipes needed to get your hamster from a happy, healthy pet it currently is to a diabetic and obese one in no time.

Therefore, it’s incredibly unhealthy for your hamster to eat a pomegranate.

Other possible risks of eating pomegranate

Unfortunately, the danger of diabetes is only one of several problems when hamsters consume too much of this sugar-loaded pomegranate.

others may include the following:


Keep in mind that this is an exotic fruit that can be very tricky after a large intake. This is especially dangerous for your hamster as it can cause allergic reactions.

After ingesting a certain amount of pomegranate seeds, hamsters can experience allergic reactions such as hair loss, rashes, itching, and even swelling in the mouth.

Digestive issues

Eating too many pomegranate seeds can cause digestive problems. Your hamster will likely develop stomach problems within a few days before you finally notice symptoms.

Lower blood pressure

Considering the amount of protein and sugar in this fruit, this can upset the balance of your hamster’s diet and dramatically lower blood pressure.
The symptoms are mostly unsteadiness, blurred vision, and shortness of breath.

We all love to share our favorite treats with all of our pets, however, dear pet owners, please stay away from pomegranate, if you can.

Although, If your hamster accidentally eats pomegranate seeds, it’s cause for concern since the fruit is non-toxic or poisonous to them.

It simply offers more risks than benefits.

If your hamster accidentally eats a few pomegranate seed or two and then develops diarrhea, then you need to consult your local veterinarian.

However, if your hamster has no digestive problems after accidentally eating pomegranate seeds, then you don’t need to worry.

Just make sure to keep your furry friend away from developing a sweet tooth for it or tasting it again, at least for a long while.

There is yet, another, more practical reason why you may want to avoid feeding this and other sticky, juicy fruits to your hamster.

Hamsters are messy and dirty when eating; therefore, the sticky juice and pulp can stick to them, making it necessary to bathe your hamster after eating these fruits.

If your hamster does drink some of the sticky juice and gets messy, then clean your hamster with pet-friendly wipes or a damp towel.

Please make sure the towel is dipped in warm water and that you keep your hamster wrapped up nice and warm until they dry, so they don’t catch a cold.

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