Can parakeets eat mealworms? Find out now!

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Can parakeets eat mealworms? One of the many worrying things to consider when you have budgies is what to feed it. A popular, nutritious food choice among many birds is mealworms, which leaves many parakeets and budgies’ owners wondering if this is a viable option for their pets as well.

can parakeets eat mealworms

Can parakeets eat mealworms? 

The answer to this question varies, a bit of yes and no; depending on the parakeet’s uniqueness.

Ultimately, it would be best to discuss any dietary changes you plan to make for your birdie with your avian veterinarian. A number of people feed mealworms to their budgies, while others stay away from them.

Parakeets eat grains primarily, so if you give your budgies mealworms, keep it to a minimum.

Some owners claim their parakeets are like mealworms, while others say they would never give them to them. Others say that if your budgies’ mealworms don’t breed, you don’t need to feed them.

So, let’s go into further detail about whether you can feed your budgies mealworms.

Can parakeets eat mealworms, any side effects?

The answer to the above question may appear quite subjective.

Some bird owners claim that mealworms are bad for parakeets, while Some claim that mealworms are their budgies delicacy since their other avian pets, say, chickens, eat mealworms. 

So the answer will vary; it’ll be a mixture of many yes and nos.

Many budgies owners will firmly say that their parakeets like to eat mealworms, while others say theirs won’t even bother to smell them.

The mealworms will not cause any particular harm to your budgies when they feast on them.

So, if you want to incorporate mealworms into your budgies’ diet, you don’t have to worry about whether they are poisonous or whether they will have the same adverse reaction as other budgies.

In the end, answering the can parakeets eat mealworm question depends on the taste bud of your avian friend, and of course, their individuality.

Some bird owners with enough expertise will choose to breed their mealworms, but this may seem like too much of a hassle to others because you can buy mealworms almost at a pet feed store.

Other people with parakeets say their parakeets enjoy feasting on dried mealworms.

What do Parakeets eat?

In general, a budgies’ diet consists of grains and pellets.

You can also choose to give your budgies fruits and vegetables occasionally.

So technically, mealworms aren’t completely necessary, but you can add them to your budgies’ diet every once in a while.

However, if you decide to serve your budgies with mealworm delicacy, be sure to consult your avian veterinarian for their advice.

Discussing your budgies’ habits, health, and other factors will help your avian veterinarian decide what is best for your budgies.

Protein for budgies

Like all living things, budgies need protein to stay healthy and survive. The protein your budgies get will help them grow feathers, bones, muscles, and it also helps produce enzymes and hormones for your budgies.

Some people who feed their parakeets with mealworms claim they are an excellent source of protein – and this is true. However, parakeets will get their primary source of protein from the other foods they eat (such as plants and grains).

They also don’t need much protein, so if you are going to feed your budgies mealworms, don’t give them too much or too often.

However, if you are breeding budgies, you may want to give them a little more protein than non-breeding budgies. This is because protein helps with the production of hormones, which will help with the mating cycle.

One must take adequate care when feeding their budgies with proteinous food as it can lead to other severe problems such as dehydration and liver and kidney problems.

So, if you keep parakeets, talk to your avian veterinarian about having mealworms as a source of protein for your budgies. Budgies and mealworms

Protein sources for budgies

Budgies will naturally get their protein from the many other foods you offer them. If you give your budgies seeds, pellets, and some kinds of vegetables or fruits, this is good for them as far as protein is concerned. Again, protein is vital for parakeets to stay strong, but they don’t need much.

Here are some great foods that you can give your budgies that contain a small amount of protein.

  • Celery
  • Oranges 
  • Apples
  • Grapes 
  • Radishes 
  • Eggs
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Broccoli
  • Collard greens
  • Basil
  • Bell peppers
  • Cilantro
  • rosemary
  • Feminine
  • Flaxseed
  • Caraway seeds
  • Cucumber (Cucumber is very healthy for parakeets! This is the right way to feed cucumbers)

Of course, there are more, but these are some excellent choices.

If you offer your budgies any fruits, vegetables, or seeds that contain protein, make sure you only offer the right amount. Please don’t give your budgies large amounts of these foods, and don’t give them these foods too often. Excessive protein intake in parakeets can lead to an overactive sex drive and other severe problems.

Other essential nutrients for budgies

In addition to protein, your budgies need many essential vitamins and nutrients in their diet.

Some of these include

  • Vitamin A, B, D3 and E.

You can provide these nutrients to your budgies in many ways.

  • Vitamin A helps parakeets digest their food and helps fight different parasites and diseases. Green leafy vegetables and sweet potatoes contain a lot of vitamin A. However, your budgies do not have that much in their seeds.
  • Secondly, Vitamin B can help your budgies fight stress and also helps with energy metabolism. You can feed your budgies seeds or energy supplements so that it has enough of this vitamin.
  • Also, Vitamin D3 is essential for promoting calcium, overall health, and vitality. However, try not to give your budgies too much. If your budgies’ cage is in a sunny area, it will get plenty of vitamin D this way.
  • Finally, vitamin E fights stress and helps boost the immune system. Feeding your budgies seeds and nuts will help it get the vitamin E it needs.

Related questions about parakeets

Can parakeets eat meat? Yes. However, you should only offer a small amount of meat, as budgies do not need that much.

Also, if you feed your budgies meat, make sure it is fully cooked and cooled before feeding it to them.

Can parakeets eat insects?

Parakeets do not need insects.

However, some budgie owners give their budgies every once in a while, and insects are something that budgies will eat in their natural habitat.

It is not a necessary part of their daily routine, but if you want to feed your budgies insects, make sure you only provide small amounts.

Can Parakeets eat mealworms – conclusion

If you want to feed your budgies mealworms, it’s up to you and your avian veterinarian. It also depends on your budgies’ tastes, as some parakeets like mealworms while others do not. Powdered worms do not have a very harmful effect on parakeets, especially if the numbers are low.

No matter how small your feeding budget is, you must provide a variety of nutrients, including protein. However, it does not need much protein for health reasons.

Hopefully, we at were able to answer the “can parakeet eat mealworm” question.

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